End Credits
by A. F. Rützy

Fiction · Paperback · 224 pages
ISBN 978-1-934081-02-0 · Out of Print

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A Novel About Life, Death, and Truth in Advertising

Raymond Kessel is dead. Or is he? Death, it seems, is not as advertised. Welcome to the Afterlife, the new and improved version, in which corporate image and downsizing have revolutionized eternity.

A. F. Rützy's wryly comic and wonderfully weird debut is a novel that picks up the modern American zeitgeist, turns it upside down, and shakes it for loose change. End Credits is top-notch satire, illuminating the absurd and private tragedies of lives bound by public convention with both biting humor and benevolent sympathy. Rützy's ironic tone and piquant observations of urban American life illuminate the rollicking roller coaster of our national psyche. Surprising, morbid, and addictive, End Credits will permanently alter the reader's perspective.

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Photo by Jyrki Komulainen

A. F. Rützy was born in Joensuu, North Karelia, which is considered the treasure chest of Finnish folklore, and a cultural melting pot for Russian and Finnish traditions. He works as a freelance writer, specializing in corporate publishing and custom magazines, and resides in Helsinki, Finland, with his family.

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