Pacific Offering
by Tom Mahony

Fiction · Paperback · 188 pages
ISBN 978-1-934081-38-9 · Out of Print

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Where desert and ocean collide...

Longtime friends Beck and Parry venture down the Baja peninsula in a battered pickup truck named Ginger searching for giant waves and Beck's lost love, Elena.

Thwarted at every turn by bandits, corrupt cops, a deteriorating truck, and a brutal ocean, and dead broke except for a stack of vintage skin magazines they use for barter, they endure adversity and continue south.

As Beck becomes increasingly obsessed with finding Elena rather than the big surf Parry came for, Beck and Parry's friendship begins to crumble. Everything converges deep in the desert where the swell of the decade awaits--and Elena.

"Told with the credibility of someone who has actually been there, Mahony accurately portrays all the joy, hardship, and death-defying situations you'd come to expect from a surf trip south of the border. The result is a rich, languid tale that pairs perfectly with a beer on a hot summer beach." --Drew Sievers, The Waterman's Library

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Tom Mahony is a biological consultant in California with an MS from Humboldt State University. His fiction has appeared in dozens of online and print publications. He is the author of Slow Entropy, a collection of short fiction, and the novels Imperfect Solitude and Flooding Granite, both published by Casperian Books. Visit his website at

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