by Daniel Boyd

Fiction · Paperback · 172 pages
ISBN 978-1-934081-24-2 · Out of Print

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Killing Ray wouldn't be the easiest thing I ever did...

I mean, a dozen men just tried it, and look where they ended up. And when you come down to it, I didn't much want to kill him. Ray was a decent sort, and we got along okay.

But all that gold was just too much temptation for the likes of me.

Ray, he had the notion he could wipe out his sins and get to heaven if he kept his promise to a dying man. All he had to do back then in '36 was get a truckload of gold past the Germans in Mexico, sell it, and get the money back to Texas and an anxious widow. Should have been simple, but he made some mistakes.

For one thing, he crossed the local bad guys
Then he tried to beat the desert on foot
Next, he got a tough cop mad at him
But his biggest slip was that he trusted me...

And that last mistake just might get him to heaven a lot sooner than he figured.

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