Enter Oblivion
by C.M. Harris

Fiction · Paperback · 252 pages
ISBN 978-1-934081-30-3 · Out of Print

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Every thug needs a fairy godmother

Meet Vince, a young, moody boxer from Brooklyn with an oozing bullet wound and a spot awaiting him in the Narducci crime family--if he weren't on the run...

Through a series of events that begins with Vince returning travelers' checks he's stolen from a British tourist, he finds himself in 1980s London, the epicenter of New Wave culture, unsure whether he will become a rock star, a rent boy, or a laughingstock.

Vince's journey brings an awkward friendship with a glamorous drag queen, a stint in a post-punk rock band, a frustrating romance with a Bowie-esque pop star, and bloody quarrels with a misfit skinhead--Vince's own cracked reflection.

In this quirky yet charming story of love and family and culture clash, Vince discovers his place in a rapidly changing world.

"All Harris' stand-out cast of vividly flawed and thus wonderfully human characters needs is a soundtrack!" --Nadja Gassert, author of The Protector

"A complex, richly layered story...If you ever thought a career criminal, a drag queen, and a bunch of Brits wouldn't go together, think again...Harris delivers a tale from the 1980s that proves some stories are timeless." --Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant mysteries

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C.M. Harris is the author of GLBT historical saga The Children of Mother Glory. She studied writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. Her fiction has been published in various journals, magazines, and blogs. She is creative director for marketing agency Carbon Creative and lives in Minneapolis with her partner, their twins, and two miniature pinschers. Her website can be found at www.flammablewords.com.

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