by Chris Owen

Fiction · Paperback · 236 pages
ISBN 1-934081-03-5 · Out of Print

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Love Is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans...

Five years after arriving in Australia, Jason Stuart is finally embarking on the dream that brought him Down Under: going on "walkabout" in the Australian Outback. But Jason is not that fresh-faced and untried boy from Canada anymore. Jason is a man with half a decade of bad memories and worse nightmares. His friends think he's crazy, or possibly just plain stupid, but Jason needs to make his dream real in order to face his past.

Everything changes when Jason picks up an unexpected travel companion. Suddenly, it's not his past that Jason needs to confront, it's his future.

Part coming-of-age tale, part romance, part travel yarn, Adagio paints a heartwarming picture of a fledgling relationship between two very different men against the lush backdrop of Australia's natural wonders.

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Chris Owen lives and writes in the wilds of Eastern Canada. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, but raised in Prince Edward Island, Owen has a fondness for both the ocean and the mountains. In 1996 Owen spent six months in Australia and this enjoyment of the outdoors expanded to include the desert and the tropics. Owen finds termite mounds to be genuinely fascinating.

A lover of putting words together since the early days of using crayons, Owen has passed that stage and now uses a computer, which is far less messy. Thankfully, the words go together a little better now as well. The author of several books, Owen writes mainly about gay characters in many different genres ranging from modern day tales to historical romance. How one defines one's family is a common theme in Owen's work, and often the answer is that blood is not as thick as water.

When not writing, Owen can be found surrounded by yarn, pets, and children.

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